Sunday, October 7, 2007

Summer Favorites

During our summer vacation from June 29th, 2007 until September 3rd, 2007 we toured Europe. We visited 15 countries via train with Interrail passes.
Venice, Italy
Zolikoffen, Switzerland with Jane and Kristi
Kristi, Mark, Gordon, and I before we went canyon jumping near Gridelwald, Switzerland
Paragliding over Interlaken, Switzerland
Throughout our trip in Europe, Gordon took pictures of the metal engraved plates on the streets
I thought I could make it without a thermarest to economize on costs and luggage weight, but I finally broke down and bought one in Konstanz, Germany
We visited the town where Gordon attended university in 1999-2000 while studying German. We then visited several old classmates while in Zurich and Berlin.
Gordon jumping from beneath a bridge in Zurich
There were Yoga Cows all over Switzerland
Florence, Itlay- a view near our campsite of the bridges and more specifically, Ponte Vecchio.
A view of the moon and river while standing on Ponte Vecchio
The typical tourist picture that one must take when visiting Pisa
Gordon making a grab while jumping off a cliff into the Lagurian Sea.
A view at sunset from our favorite town in Cinque Terre- Manarola.
Our most expensive and by far wonderful meal in Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy.
A view of the parfume bottles at a parfumery in Grosse, France.
A view of the streets at night in Lisbon, Portugal.
The beautiful churches covered in blue and white porcelain tile in Porto, Portugal.
The unforgettable camping with crazy Spaniards in Las Cies, Vigo, Spain.
The old majestic castle of Fontainbleau, France.
The diamond musems of Antwerp, Belgium.
The thirsty and angry dog who attached the fountain in Antwerp.
The bicycles of Amsterdam.
The yogurt incident while waiting for our night train in Malmo, Sweden to go to Oslo, Norway.

Camping for free at Lake Sognsvann, Norway.
The fjord cruise in Bergen, Norway- and the crazy rain
Reasearching the Hanson/ Ringstad family geneology in eastern Norway.
Visiting our friend Adam in Goteburg, Sweden.
Crossing the borden from West to East, returning to the post-communist side of Europe.

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  1. Oh My GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You two are the most adventurous, brave, fun loving, living life to the max people ever! I am so happy for you both. Life IS what you make of it, and you are certainly taking full advantage of so much. You will not be looking back and wishing, EVER!! Keep doing all of it as much as you can. I admire you both very much, and again, I cannot even tell you how happy I feel, when I look at the pictures you are sharing. Thankyou! You are truly inspiring. Much love to you Dusty and Gordon, Melinda in S. Beaver Creek