Thursday, July 15, 2010


On Saturday, July 10th we had a grand welcoming for our friends and family into our home. Many of the Becker Clan and several friends came to drink punch, eat cookies and other sweets, and check out our new pad and crazy art work from all over the world. It was a great time!a view from our back porch into the grass seed field, to be cut and harvested within a few days a view of the south and west side of the house, with our reliable Subaru parked by the garage a view of the back alley way the dining room, kitchen island, and living room the living room and kitchen the master bedroom, decorated with Amish cherry bed frame and nightstands and Turkish carpets the master bathroom the loft, library, sitting room just some of the goodies consumed and guests we had the Becker Clan- Aunt Julie, Aunt Sandi, Grandma, and Daddy me and the best husband in the world (man of the house) my sister, daddy, and me the cutest niece and nephew in the world me and my good friend Jessica My Dad and Stepmom Debbie on their way home, on the 1979 Harley Davidson

Ashlynn Rose's 4th Birthday

The birthday girl! Swimming under the waterfall at Moonshine State Park on the Siletz River.What to wish for? A pony? A doll? The Heath Clan. The party kids: Ashlynn, Kindle, Addison, Zakary, and Ryder, enjoying the hot inner tubes in the sun!

Gordon's Surgery

Gordon underwent surgery on June 22nd at OHSU in Portland to have his Lumbar #5 and Sacrum #1 spinal pieces fused together. He took it a little rough during his snowboarding and skiing days back in his younger years, trying to keep up with guys like Sean White. So, because of good insurance and more advanced technology he decided to finally give surgery a try. A nice pork dinner and a small smile on day 2 after surgery. The removal of the drainage tube from the surgery, it had to stay in there for 24 hours. He had an appetite, and the food was actually quite good! OHSU has some beautiful views of the city and mountains, Mt. St. Helens is in the above left. Mt. Hood- where most of the ski and snowboard accidents occured. Day 9 after the surgery, upon removal of the steri-strips.They did a good job sewing up the tatoo, matching all the lines and everything!