Thursday, August 19, 2010

Suttle Lake Hanson Reunion

Gordon won a few prizes for his photography at the Polk County Fair this year. Amateur category of 1st- black & white landscape, 2nd- architecture, 3rd- nature study, 3rd- wildlife. Abigail had a baby shower for Cleopatra, her 2 month old baby girl, on August 14th. After stopping to dip our toes in at the 58th mile marker on highway 22 in route to the Hanson Family Reunion at Suttle Lake we had a grape eating contest. Jonathan- 1st place with 30 grapes! (we believe he was strategically stuffing the smaller size) Dusty Rose- 2nd place with 21 grapes Gordon- 3rd place with 18 grapes We remembered almost everything for the one night potluck, except for a dish to serve our salad in! Luckily, Gordon found one (with serving spoons) at a consignment shop near Detroit Lake. Mara, Dylan, and Gordon While swimming, Dylan found a buoyant log that was fun to sit on and play with. some of the Hanson Family that showed up evening story telling our bed is this a commercial for Kindle? on our way home we drove the McKenzie River scenic route, and drove through this amazing lava bed which is about 1,500 years old two of the Three Sisters mountains returning to the Willamette Valley, harvest season coming to a close Gordon, Me, and Jonathan (a friend visiting from L.A. and whom we worked with in Bulgaria)

Happy Birthday Gordon!

Why are the doors locked? the surprise clan funny faces my sister, niece, and nephew just a few of Gordon's nieces and nephews Gordon's sister, Mara, and her son, Dylan- they drove 14 hours for the occasion! some nice gifts sharing pictures Mara and Gordon