Monday, November 24, 2008

End of Rainy Season

Here are some nice pictures of random moments over the past few weeks. We have been too busy to post smaller blogs, so here is a bigger one with many events. the moon the sun Gordon's Blondie Curly Curls! ;) (I love my hubby and his curls, he is so adorable) BAZAAR at AISA on November 15th textiles and paintings more paintings, we now have two from this artist, Uko Williamswax boutique tapestries and tablecloths, they make nice giftsentertainment, singing and dancing HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL at AISA on October 25th the obstacle course, students watching teachers and teachers watching students CAMPING & CLIMBING at Usuma Dam Here I am exhibiting the effectiveness of the "Bug Bucket" Foulani nomad moistened earth worm mounds Chris & Lauren Our perspective of the famous Borodenko Rock (named after our friend Chris) at Usuma Dam. We usually climb from the tree to the top on the far right face. Gordon lost his camera lens while he was slashing his way through the jungle and I found it for him the next day, retracing his path. Nigerian Safety Committee on the way to a meeting The local gas station a typical roadside scene, where are the lines you might ask? is this a one or two way? hungry tree village ghetto a hawk circling overhead, catching an updraft a sun dried centipede out for a swim at the dam with the local fisherman and on to the Dry Season in Nigeria... we won't see any rain for about 5 months

Monday, November 17, 2008

29th Birthday

Here are some pictures of my birthday celebrations, November 12th! Some highlights were, unexpected gifts from my 6th grade students and a surprise birthday party during lunch, a nice potluck party with friends at sunset on our terrace, and lovely gifts from my husband. some of my grade six students Our friend, Chris, had his birthday on November 10th so we celebrated both of our birthdays on November 11th. sunset from our terrace one of many nice gifts from friends