Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jos, Plateu, Nigeria

We went to Jos, Plateu State about 4 hours northeast of Abuja for the weekend. me, Gordon, Lauren, Chris, volunteer, Chide a view from Chide's backyard talking with Chide's chidlren in front of our car while waiting for others to get ready to go on a hike into the Sherry Hills Fulani herding their cattle baaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh inside a termite home inside a Fulani home me and Lauren i love pooooo! climbingthe photographer nice view! climbing um, these are not climbing shoes! a scorpion we found underneath a rock Where was that snickers? I know I packed one in here... buying fruit buying honey

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jabi Lake, The Human Race, Abuja

We went on a Sunday stroll around Jabi Lake in Abuja for our 10k Human Race. While beginning our walk, we decided to see the grounds in which we live. In front of our apartment complex there are several other houses and a nice garden alongside the lake. A nice view of the lake from a different perspective, our friend Chris. We met two little girls, ages 8 and 10 who wanted to walk with us for a while. They fed us some little corn nuts to chew on, which tasted like cardboard. Maybe they had some nutritious value? The two girls took us to their school down the street and we saw some classrooms and met some of their schoolmates. Many of the people just wear these simple flippity floppities around. A view from the overpass, crossing the lake with fishermen below. This man was crossing the alligator infested waters qith the assistance of a giant hollow gourd. A transparent and iridescent little crawler found on Chris. Our complex, ABB Life Camp, is with white buildings and red rooftops and is in the center right of this picture. These lounging lizards can be found everywhere! A perfectly precise throw, it comes with experience. A friend watches as they go out with their tiny little fishy bait to catch the bigger ones. The neighborhood around ours is springing up all of these very nice homes. Surprisingly, most construction is very quick here. Two women trying to escape the photographer, unsuccessfully. We returned home without getting rained upon and played some Rumy Cube while eating grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup before finishing our grading and lesson planning for the week.