Friday, June 29, 2007

preparing for summer

The apples are growing on the tree that is next to our balcony and we hope that when we return we will be able to make apply pie every day! We will leave on July 3rd and return somewhere around the 1st of September. Our housemate, Greg, serenading his friends with guitar as they enjoy conversation and a cool evening after work. Gordon picking the blackberry seeds out of his drink while keeping updated on baseball and the news. Cooling down after humid 104 degree fahrenheit weather with a game of texas hold 'em in our PJ's. On Tuesday, June 12th Ebru (our housemate) had a going away party early, as she went to Vermont on July 17th to attend a master's teaching program. We went to a local restaurant- Mania and had pizza plus more then we returned to our house and played Cranium. On Friday, June 15th we had a going away party for the teachers leaving this year... I read a poem "Oh, the places you'll go!" by Dr. Seuss to kick off the night. There were other poems written and songs sung and music dedicated. Taking inventory of the English Department books. On Wednesday, June 28th the international teachers united to celebrate summer birthdays (gordon will be 35 on aug 12th!). Each of the four faculty houses on campus hosted a party and planned unique activities and preapred good food. I made a double layer lemon cake with lemon curd in between the layers and lemon cream cheese frosting. It was delicious! Mark, Gordon's friend, arrived on Thu, June 28th and will be traveling with us until July 16th. He will fly out of Stuttgart. We fly to Venice on July 3rd and plan on traveling throughout Italy, Switzerland, and Germany with him. After his departure we will go to France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia. It should be an awesome summer and we will try to post as many blogs as possible. This weekend Gordon and Mark will go out for a "guy's weekend" (on the Black Sea) and I will go to a P!nk concert with some friends. Please check back for more blogs in mid-July!

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