Monday, July 16, 2007

Italy, Switzerland, Germany

We have been to Venice, Padua, Milan, Berne, Interlaken, Konstanz, Metzingen, Schaffhausen. We plan on leaving to go to Florence on July 17th and then on to Cinque Terre, Marceille, Nice, Barcelona, Madrid, and Lisbon, etc... the Mediterranean and then on to the Atlantic coastal regions.
Mark dooped me into learning how to do SUDOKU on our train ride to Bern, Switzerland... and it turned into the major past time of the entire 2 month European Tour for both of us!
Mark, me, and Gordon in Venice, Italy on one of the many canal bridges.
Me swinging on a zip line in Padua. Our inner children came out to play for the afternoon!
Yes, we like wearing green, listening to our iPods, and wearing sunglasses while riding trains...
We left Sofia on July 3rd with our friend Mark and flew to Venice. We stayed with two students from Padua University who were renting a room that we found on One of them worked at a gelateria (ice cream shop) and needless to say it was our staple everyday during our stay.
We took a train from Padua to Berne and made a quick stop in Milan to eat lunch and look at all the high end fashion designer shops. Gordon and I in front of the Berne, Switzerland Temple, which is actually about 20 minutes outside of Bern in a cute little town called Zollikoffen.
These are the people that came to our ceremony. The young ladies on our left and right are Janae and Kristi. They are the missionaries we met in Ecuador and whom taught us the gospel for several months. Janae´s younger brother is on the right and her parents are on the left.Me, Gordon, Mark, and Kristi taking a moment for a photo shoot while hiking up Harder Kulm.
Kristi and I overlooking Lake Thun near Interlaken after hiking up to the Harder Kulm, a nice hike up through a wild strawberry & raspberry filled forest.

We all went canyon jumping through an 85 meter (280 feet) deep canyon- imagine a huge swing set which you drop into with a 4 second free fall and your heart almost stopping because of the adrenaline rush! We have video footage of it all!

Mark on his way down- he was the first to go in our group!

We rented bicycles in Interlaken and rode half way around Lake Thun, about 26 km and then took the train back to Interlaken. We rode leisurely, stopping to see this castle on the lake along the way and stopping many other times to take pictures and enjoy the scenery. We also had to stop for about 30 minutes at a cafe because of a rain storm! It was a nice opportunity to endulge oursleves with some snacks- including fine Swiss chocolate!

Gordon, Mark, and I went paragliding before leaving Interlaken and took some great panoramic pics of the region.

A view of Lake Konstanz from standing on one of the many bridges above the Rhein River, it flows from Switzerland to the North Sea.

Swimming in the cool and refreshing Lake Konstanz on a hot sunny day.

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