Monday, June 11, 2007

ACS Arts Festival

The American College of Sofia holds an Arts Festival every year during the beginning of June and this year it was on June 9th, 2007. There were various activities- dancing, singing, painting, drawing, bead making, and much more. It is a fundraiser for the college since it is a non-profit educational institution.

Above you can see Gordon and his friend Aaron participating in the 'Wet Sponge Throw'- where students pay money to hit their teachers with a wet sponge in the lovely prop of a mermaid and octopus.

Then there is the 'Lost at Sea with Richard Parker and the ACS Three' which consists of Mr. Munby, Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Spiegel, Miss. Gibson, Miss. Spinney, and Miss. Rummel- all teachers are ACS. They sang "Son of a Preacher" by Dusty Springfield, "Dream" by Fleetwoodmac, and "Give me One Reason" by Tracy Chapman- all excellent performances, along with 2 jams written and played by the guys listed above.

The spectators- mostly ACS students with some parents and friends.

My housemate, Ebru, and I cheering on our colleagues as they play! I had my face painted by some students presented by the Culture Jam Club- a flower from Georgie (an Aussie) and some Korean writing by Esjay on the other cheek.

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