Sunday, June 3, 2007

Spring Fling school dance

Gordon and I went to the Spring Fling on Saturday, June 2nd, 2007. There were 150 students present at this formal school dance held at the downtown Grand Hotel Sofia. The cost was 35 BGN per ticket, 30 leva paying for the formal sit down dinner and the other 5 went to the fundraising of costumes for the popular and highly esteemed Balkan Dance group at the American College of Sofia. Hence, there was a decent dinner served and Balkan dancing plus modern dance. It was a fun time!


  1. Oh la la! What a cute couple you are! Hopefully not too much necking in the parking lot...Good luck to you Gordon with your Bulgaria baseball debut! Much love to you both.

    Angie & Santi P.

  2. Those kids are lucky to have a pair like you! I like the dance regalia; bet it does cost a pretty penny. Do people make their own?

  3. Dusty.. I really enjoy you and Gordons blog-spot. It's a new thing for yer ole' folks. Thanks for keeping us in touch with your life.

    We do miss you alot though
    deb:-) n' dad