Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gordon's Surgery

Gordon underwent surgery on June 22nd at OHSU in Portland to have his Lumbar #5 and Sacrum #1 spinal pieces fused together. He took it a little rough during his snowboarding and skiing days back in his younger years, trying to keep up with guys like Sean White. So, because of good insurance and more advanced technology he decided to finally give surgery a try. A nice pork dinner and a small smile on day 2 after surgery. The removal of the drainage tube from the surgery, it had to stay in there for 24 hours. He had an appetite, and the food was actually quite good! OHSU has some beautiful views of the city and mountains, Mt. St. Helens is in the above left. Mt. Hood- where most of the ski and snowboard accidents occured. Day 9 after the surgery, upon removal of the steri-strips.They did a good job sewing up the tatoo, matching all the lines and everything!

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  1. hanson, u like like hell warmed over in that hospital bed, take it easy with the food bro