Sunday, May 23, 2010

Around Abuja

Sometimes there is no single topic but many random pictures that are nice to share, so this post is just a collection of recent events we have experienced.Arriving home from work, the guards were looking at this lizard, frozen in stance with an enlarged belly. There are lizards everywhere in Nigeria and this one in particular is a female, the males are darker in color and have more yellow on their backs and heads. Usually they let you get about 3 steps from them and then they take off, and this one didn't, poor thing, something was wrong with it. They do push ups, maybe to shed some of the heat, which is funny to watch. Gordon and Khalid have been leading the chess club this year at AISA and Gordon will be taking over the club next year. There were about 30 students who participated in a chess match on Saturday while their parents either watched or shopped at the AISA PTA Yard Sale/ Craft Fair. Saturday afternoon the guards came up to our apartment to have us come down to check out what it was they found next to the lake inside our compound. This is a black and yellow cobra, at least 8 feet long- without it's head. They found it slithering along and killed it with a machete. Its muscles were still active, making it twitch and coil.

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