Monday, May 3, 2010

Usuma Camping

We had a nice three day weekend, thanks to Nigerian Labor Day. A few of us went out to Usuma Dam, about 20 miles Northwest of Abuja for a hike and a night of camping under the stars. This was a beautiful grasshopper that Gordon managed to capture. He was about the size of his pinky finger. This was a local, who seemed to be drunk on palm wine, and was harassing us for money. She just groaned at us and was physically impeding our return to the campsite. It was kinda scary. The local fishermens' canoes, parked for the evening on the shores of Usuma Reservoir. The camping crew (r to l)- Lilly, Brian, Gordon, and me. Lauren and Chris joined us for hiking earlier, but had to return to Abuja in the evening to disassemble the Seussical set. Lauren directed a fantastic show-Horton Hears a Hoo, which involved more than 30 of our students, while Chris did all of the set design and creation with help from his art students and other volunteers. A nice view of the sunset and village from camp. The weather was bearable, probably about 85 degrees Fahrenheit with a lot of humidity throughout the night. We slept without the rain fly and watched the stars for about 3 hours. We had a nice hike in the evening and in the morning. Rain came for most of the day once we returned to Abuja.

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  1. . . .this is so lovely Gordon, you an eye for breath taking views;