Monday, January 14, 2008

Feeling Wintery

the old man's tracks down the mountain side...
There has been more than a foot of snow on the ground for more than a month with freezing temperatures. We are appreciating it as we have just signed a contract to teach in Nigeria where the temperature usually ranges from 70 to 110 degress Fahrenheit. So, from the USA to Ecuador to Bulgaria to Nigeria, and then back to the USA? A variety in climate is wonderful!
on the chair lift up the mountain
beautiful- white and green everywhereSofia Big Air competition on December 22nd, 2008. 1st place- Austria, 2nd & 3rd places- Slovenia.On the way up Vitosha Mountain to go snowboarding on Saturday, January 19th.


  1. SNOW!!! I miss the snow. I guess rain will do :)

  2. Wow, the snow is gorgeous. We had a dusting today. Enough to call off school, but not enough to really call it snow. Sofia pinched a little between her fingers and loved putting it in her mouth. Congrats on Nigeria. You two look very happy.

  3. There's 188 inches on the ground at Mt Hood right now--best powder they've had in years. It completely closed down Hwy 20 east for over a week. One weekend there was 2 feet of brand new powder. What a stormy winter! Finally the sun came out, though, but no daffodils blooming yet. jesse turns 21 tomorrow, can you believe it?

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  5. Cool Pictures !!!
    Devils Throat is the BEST !!!
    ROCK ON !!!