Thursday, February 7, 2008

Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria

We spent a leisurely Saturday afternoon with some friends in a nice village called Koprivshtitsa. It is located about 2 hours southeast of Sofia. We borrowed a friend's car for the adventure. The town is that which hosted the uprising against the Ottoman Rule in the late 1800's and there are many museums dedicated to the event.the Mr. Bean face for our friend Dave in front of the sign entering the city of Chelopech.
fuzzy horses, mules, and donkeys out on the snowy open range
the entrance to one of the many museums
the ladies buying snacks at a store
a local bulgarian napping under a tree, ignoring the photo crazy tourists
the snowy rooftops of the village
the best couple ever!
hay is for horses?
Lara and I trudging through the streets

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