Monday, December 31, 2007


We left Sofia, Bulgaria on December 25th on a night bus for Istanbul, Turkey. We stayed in Istanbul for one night and then went to Goreme, Cappadocia (Central Turkey) on December 27th on another night bus. We stayed at the Nomad Cave Hotel, in an actual cave, in room 204. It was cold and dark- perfect for sleeping. We spent several days hiking about the ridges, valleys, and canyons. We went on a hot air balloon ride on New Years Eve! I rode a camel! We explored underground cities from the 7th century and ate lots of good Turkish cuisine. We found churches in the caves around Goreme dating to the 8th century with large well preserved frescoes and giant Latin crosses. It was a wonderful time, but perhaps the best part of the entire vacation was the company that we had- each other!
Hagia Sofia
drinking yummy pomegranate juice, one of our favorite past times. Blue Mosque
No, I did not buy this felted wool hat, but I had to try it on!Our favorite rug salesman in Cappadocia!
Climbing in a frozen waterfall in the Kilchlar Canyon.
Walking on a frozen creek bed in the Guvercinlik Valley.
The Sultan hot air balloon company getting ready for a flight. Nice day for a hot air balloon ride!

Landing and deflating the balloon. Gordon balancing on a frozen sand dune.
A nice view from the canyon above Kilchlar (Sword) and Kizilchukur (Red Rock) Valleys.
Whoa- look over there!

Awww, so sweet and peaceful!

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  1. Ok, everytime I see you, you become more and more cool. You will let me ready your autobiography when it's published! I expect a signed copy!
    -Jen Coleman