Thursday, July 26, 2007

Switzerland, Italy and France

We have been to Zurich, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Nice, Grasse and Marseille.
In Zurich we stayed with Gordon's friend "the doc" from when he went to university in Konstanz. He is now married and has a child and just bought his first house in Zurich. We went swimming in the Zurich See River, walked about the city, and dined with the Cornet Family for two nights. They were great hosts and it was fun to listen to Olivie and Gordon reminisce about the good old university days. From Zurich we took a direct train to Florence and spent 3 days there. We walked across the famous Ponte Vecchio (pictured above), went to the top of the duomo (catholic church dome), bought two fantabulous leather bound and covered journals, and went to a museum.
We then traveled to Pisa and saw the leaning tower and took some goofy pictures, like all the other tourists.
We went to the Cinque Terre National Park for 4 days and went hiking, swimming, and jumping off of cliffs into the beautiful Ligurian Sea.
The view from above the town Monterosso during one of our first days in Cinque Terre. This picture was taken after about a 3 hour hike south from Levanto, the town where we set up base camp at "Camping Acqua Dolce".
Above is Gordon and I trying to stay cool and not get sunburnt while hiking down to Moterosso, the first of the five small towns of the Cinque Terre region. A staricase that we were fortunate enough to hike DOWN.
A view of the backside of the town of Corneglia.
A view of my backside while admiring the ocean.
The town of Manerola, our favorite town of the Cinque Terre region. There was swimming and diving/ jumping from cliffs, and a new sport we call "wave holding" where a person swims to a rock in the middle of the bay and tries to hold on for their dear life on the back side of it while huge waves come from the ocean and crash over you and try to force you off of the rock backwards. Gordon was very succesfful with the sport and even had some of the locals admiring his techniques... until one of his hand holds broke off and he scraped himself up- it wouldnt be an extreme sport if there werent any blood involved, right?
A picture taken at sunset with Manerola in the backdrop.
A beautiful sunset during a hike between the towns of Manerola and Corneglia.
We ate a delicious expensive dinner, our biggest splurge of the whole trip, in Monterosso. Needless to say our diet mostly consisted of ham and cheese sandwiches with fruit for desert for the rest of the trip. Gordon ate snails, EWWW! The appetizers included about eleventeen dishes of assorted seasfoods perfectly prepared and we had a wonderful prawn tortellini as our main course.

Above is a picture of us overlooking the beach in Nice, France and it is beautiful. It is where Tina Turner has one of her houses, but she must not have been in town because we didnt see her ;)

Nice, France.

A picture of me under a palm tree at the top of a castle overlooking Nice. Gordon bought me a beautiful glass handmade necklace that I love... he is so wonderful and romantic.

The Port of Nice. I think we saw Paris Hilton & friends on her extravagant yacht.

Me playing on a bungy gymnasium that the people of the Mediterranean love, they were on almost every popular beach that we saw.

A war memorium in Grosse, France. I was rubbing his worn metal pointing finger for good luck.

Grosse is where fragrance became very popular and a main economic focus because of the favorable growing conditions of herbs, flowers, etc. We went to a museum and bought some lovely fragrances.

We stopped in Marseille for a few hours while waiting for a connecting train in the direction of Barcelona and found a "Tango Street". This was a large courtyard between two old theatre buildings where the public and professionals were invited to dance on waxed cobblestone to a live DJ.


  1. sweat headbands,
    well im breaking in my new computer. yes, i finally broke down and bought a mac. its nice, seems to be user friendly, but who really knows i've only had it a couple of hours. willamette made me buy it, they decided not to suport pc's anymore, odd.
    anyway, huge congrats on the sealing. i'm happy for both of you. its a great feeling have that link to all the generations.
    anyway, the vacation sounds just dynomite, hope all is well and wish only the best.

  2. WOW! It sounds like you two are having a blast. What an exciting adventure. Zakary and Ashlynn love the pictures. The latest news is that my chickens are finally laying eggs. That's about all the excitement here on the farm. We are spending a lot of time at moonshine and on the coast because of the hot weather. Later we will be off to ANOTHER birthday party. I'm sorry that I have been missing your calls, but I enjoy the voice mail recordings. :) Love ya lots... Have fun and take care. HUGS!

  3. Dusty and Gordon... what a fun Summer you are having... can I imagine children with bottles and dirty diapers in your future? Not exactly at this moment, hahahah. Enjoy and we'll be here on Becker-hill when you get back to the States. Love Dad and Deb:-)

  4. Okay, I am a bit jealous but I am glad you guys are having such a great time! Miss you both!

  5. Wow! Looks like you are having the time of your lives. Wish I could join you. Congrats on the marriage ceremony!