Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ontario, Toronto and London

We visited some friends (the Boss and Che Hobyan) from London and watched the Red Sox play the Blue Jays at Roger's Center in Toronto during July. We stayed at the Clarence Castle Hostel in downtown Toronto. We visited the Toronto Zoo, above is a tapir which are abundant in the Ecuadorian Amazon- we never saw one while we were there but we did see some footprints once! And unfortunately we have yet to see an African elephant in Africa! But we are planning a trip to Kenya and Tanzania in December 2009 where we should have better luck. nice soxs!This guy is doing it pretty good, but the African people do it much better! (no hands) We went up 1,465 feet to the Sky Pod in the CN Tower and met some really interesting people from Boston who invited us to stay with them and go to a few games! The Sox Nation is alive and well. Here is Alan, our friend from Boston. Camille, Sascha's girlfriend, breeds and trains European jumping horses. We rode some horses and I helped her clean the stalls for a few days while the boys were bonding. An evil little goat, who actually obeyed (sometimes) his owner. I don't think I have ever met such a smart goat. Hanging out on Lake Heron. We drove out here to spend most of the day, but a huge thunder and lightening storm came, so we went back into town and went to the movies instead. The boys, 'keeping it red'.

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