Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NW roadtrip

We have been in the states since June 14th, visiting family & friends all over Oregon, Washington, and Oregon. Our reliable $900 1991 Subaru Legacy has made it through 1,500 miles of adventures. Some of the most awesome things that we have done are described with pictures below, captions to follow later. Gordon is taking some excellent pictures, and it is difficult to choose which should be posted. The Painted Hills, just east of Prineville, Oregon. We spent 3 days with the Strommers (Gordon's sister, Amy's family) who live near Baker City, in eastern Oregon. We ate at Subway, listened to some home-grown opera singing, swam in a green algae abundant reservoir, visited the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, practiced some yoga and did some jogging/ walking, and simply hung out with family. The stugas (upon Deon's request), a Sweedish style single room country cabin. The DEON clan. "dummies" and a nice old barn Princeton, Idaho- Gage family Reunion This is the day my nephew Zakary learned how to swim (with a life jacket on), on his sister Ashlynn's 3rd birthday- the 4th of July. My sister (Jody), my niece (Ashlynn), my nephew (Zakary), and me swimming at the Laird Park. The Becker family camping at the Gage family Reunion. Mount Raineer from Lake Washington, a view at sunset from our friend Denise's dock. full moon rising The Hanson brothers playing catch with Penelope after a long day of golfing. Me and my mommy watching the sun set from a newly developed state park just 1 mile up beaver creek road, a view overlooking ona beach state park. The most lovely couple ever...


  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like good times. Hey, I'll be seeing you really soon!

  2. Was good to have you both in Baker City!! The time went to fast. Post some "Stuga" pictures. The Barns from the Baker Valley are amazing. I go by the one every day but, I have never looked at that way before. It will always look different to me now. You have brought out the beauty of something we see eveyday. Yoga On!! Deon