Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break 2009

We spent some time in Abuja lounging around our flat and then we spent 5 days in southeast Nigeria in the Cross River State visiting the Obudu Cattle Ranch and Affi Mountain Drill Monkey Ranch.Following the black gold south towards the Delta. Out of commission train tracks mango madness smile and wave harvest time Entering Obudu Cattle Ranch range country in Cross River State, Nigeria for a little adventure; a 6 hour up and down hike. no coin slots for this local washing machine We are wearing these authentic finely woven (Monte Cristi) Panama Hats because that is where we wish we actually were, well, at least we were not in Abuja... No elephants here, Horton Foulani (not skinny, Foulani) cow range land Will this fire stay inside the circle? Doubt it... this is equivalent to Whole Foods' vegetable produce section ...fruit produce section notice the next red item on the photo list "I want more bananas!" "Don't I smile pretty? Give me more bananas!" "Okay, a pineapple will do." Can you find all 10 monkeys? "Unagi." A new yoga posture, 'feeding monkey' "I will bite you..." Giants among (Wo)Men This is a 400 meter long and 25 meter high canopy walk that we went on, the 2nd to highest in West Africa. another giant checking out the little fishies. fodder more pictures to follow, we are still editing the 6 GB of memory... Spring Break 2009


  1. happy break! i can't believe the monkey snaps! you got that close to them without a mishap?
    i am on my break also. just got into ashland, oregon. look forward to seeing you here soon!

  2. Hey guys looks like you are healthy and having fun. Great Pictures.


  3. Gordon!! Long lost friend, I am so happy I rediscovered your blog. Your life is amazing. Suzy + I were just commenting about how we want to live your life! We're going to discuss it and get in touch ;)

    Take care out there!
    Joanna (Lunkiewicz) Gordon