Thursday, April 2, 2009

Around Town

Here are some pictures that we took while wandering about the city of Abuja, doing our usual errands or a little exploring. The central mosque, a proud symbol of Abuja. Mama Africa Five mangoes for 72 cents (100 Naira), plentiful at the end of the dry season. Traditional Hausa men in Utaco Market selling their goods. Anyone for some sunbaked eggs? Hanging out with our usual pineapple and papaya vendors. The local tailors, "snap us, snap us!" The local pick up truck, exceptionally large loads. This is our apartment building, we wish the car on the left were ours, but it's the one on the right. Gordon's caddy, the other day, didn't know the name of the tree but called it the African Flame. It bursts into flames during the heat of March at the end of the dry season... which means that rain is on its way! Yeah!


  1. i love your pics. i feel semi motivated to document my experiences. oh by the way i will be in OR this summer and you? if so lets meet. besos...vida

  2. Wow...those mangos look so delicous!!! You are experiencing so many things that most humans only dream of...including myself. See you soon. Love- Mina