Sunday, October 12, 2008

Utako Market

Here are some pics from where we usually do our grocery shopping of fresh fruit, veggies, grains, etc. One kilogram of potatoes costs about 150 naira ($1.25) and one kilogram of tomatoes costs about 300 naira ($2.50). One kilogram of carrots or green beans is about 300 naira ($2.50) and one kilogram of cucumber is about 150 naira ($1.25). We buy two papayas and two pineapples for about 1000 naira ($8.50). We buy from the same lady every time. We had traditional clothing made for about 6,000 naira each (about $50). I had my hair braided by some women in the market. It was painful but it did look very nice. They finally finished three hours later, in the dark, and we were late for dinner at our principal's house by about 45 minutes.But they forgave us, above we are posing with Melinda and Ron (the principal).Lauren and I, posing in our traditional Nigeria attire. Amy, the director, and me. hubby & wifey


  1. We finally got a blog up, and after months of lurking on yours and drooling over the fun stuff you guys do, we decided to post our unadventurous exploits for everyone. We miss you guys, and hope to hear from you soon. We have a baby due THIS WEEK! So, we'll keep you updated.

  2. it was so wonderful to skype with you, dusty. loved your braids too! i wonder, does it get colder there?

  3. The prices are pretty reasonable! When I was in Canada this year it cost a LOT for food--like $2.50 for a small head of lettuce, or apples for $2/lb. The price of gas is really high there, too. Our gas prices are finally going down.
    So where's the picture of your finished braids? Am dying to see how they turned out after that much work!
    Ann at Beaver Creek