Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jos, Plateu, Nigeria

We went to Jos, Plateu State about 4 hours northeast of Abuja for the weekend. me, Gordon, Lauren, Chris, volunteer, Chide a view from Chide's backyard talking with Chide's chidlren in front of our car while waiting for others to get ready to go on a hike into the Sherry Hills Fulani herding their cattle baaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh inside a termite home inside a Fulani home me and Lauren i love pooooo! climbingthe photographer nice view! climbing um, these are not climbing shoes! a scorpion we found underneath a rock Where was that snickers? I know I packed one in here... buying fruit buying honey


  1. wow. i am blown away by your adventures.

  2. Dusty... we loved looking at your pictures.. after you called this Sunday. Dad and I love you both. Stay safe and enjoy Nigeria!

    deb:-) + Dad