Sunday, August 24, 2008

Usuma Dam

We were invited on a weekend excursion with some other expats; Emma, Louis, Joanne and Ben to go to Usuma Dam. It is located north west of Abuja about 20 km. It is the future water supply of Abuja. a typical fishing boat on the lake the photographer deep in thought a balancing act at dusk (Chris) bonding A luxurious car camping trip complete with a laptop, projector, widescreen and music a nice view preparing for a descent and then ascent a view from atop of the Berger Camp "Yes, I am prepared" this should hold you white & green climbing a 5-11 I think I will only descend Hanging out in a tree, me and Lauren ascending two children came to rescue us in the tall bush we are coming... it is too hot and sweaty here a local shack town outside of Abuja We were caught in a major rain storm on the way home.We are so happy to have our bigger vehicle. The roads often have small rivers running across them when it rains.


  1. how exciting!

    it looks like you've hooked up with some good people.

    is there a cineplex anywhere nearby?

    or is life itself exciting enough?

  2. Sure hope there are some Tribe fans there! Loved the pics and am glad to hear you guys are doing well. I wish I could "burn on over" but we'll have to save up a bit of stotinki!

  3. Hey guys! I've been meaning to email you. I'm glad you got there safely. How does it feel? That video reminded me a lot of Marrakesh - busy, busy, busy. Great pics. Keep in touch!