Friday, August 15, 2008

Abuja Arrival

We were packed with 8 suitcases and 1 duffel bag, each weighing 70 pounds, and one set of golf clubs. After paying 900 USD for the excess baggage, we were on our way to a new adventure... AFRICA!!! All of the flights went well and we arrived on time in Abuja with all of our luggage after a brief stop in Amsterdam. Above is a view from our bathroom window into the 'life camp' (our compound) and beyond the walls looking into Jabe Lake and surrounding neighborhoods. A view from the entry way of our apartment into our living room.Here I am, painting my nails with some natural daylight in front of our balcony. Soon, we were exchanging money at a rate of 118 Naira for 1 USD. This looks like a lot of money, but it really isn't. Here are we throwing some signs like old time gangstas in the back seat after changing money in front of the Sheraton Hotel in downtown. West Side represent! 72 hours after our arrival, we ate fish at a local market called the "Fish House" The fish was incredibly tasty with a nice spicy flavoring, served with fried potato chips. ...a movie trying to complement the pictures, The school's swimming pool which we try to frequent daily. a fun team building activity in between faculty meetings at the school our used car salesman, Moses, and his colleague completing the paperwork for our new (to us) year 2000 Honda Passport!Gordon and I in our teacher attire, ready to meet our students on the first day of school!


  1. Wow! I am so excited that you are in Africa!

  2. it looks like ur having a good time there,wish u all the best have fun and dont let the heat get the best of u guys.