Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We spent one last weekend outside of Bulgaria before leaving Europe.
when we arrived at the airport, Gordon realized he had forgotten his camera at home, so my little Sony Cybershot DSC-T5 had to suffice
From Luton we took the VT99 bus route to Milton Keynes to meet Wendy, my mom's mother's second husband's widow; are you confused yet?
A view down High Street in Oxford
England is cool because they have candies like Hob Nobs, Fudgy Wudgys and Ice Bombs
Inside the Botanical Gardens in Oxford
A pudgy little squirrel; too many fudgy wudgys? No, too many Hob Nobs! But they are all natural and packed with fiber, protein, and 60% goodness.
Oxford could not do without a Logic Lane.
A view from atop the Carfax Tower down High Street
War Memorial Gardens at Christ Church College
Tom Quad inside Christ Church, no walking on the grass!
upon arriving in London
Saint Pancras
the entry to the zoo was $34 USD per person, but we still were able to see some giraffes from the road
Feeding giant geese at Round Pond in Hyde Park, they had no elbows but were Hob Nobbers!
playing a little soccer in front of the Albert Memorial
Doesn't this goose know it is on the wrong continent?

Buckingham Palace
Tower of London
Tower Bridge
Saint Paul's Cathedral
Fleet Street
in front of the Houses of Parliament
Horse Guards Parade
Kensington Palace
Lunch, all that we craved and could afford. The most expensive meal was a bagel with smoked salmon for $7.60 USD and 750 ml bottle of water for $3.20 USD, ridiculous!
grading semester two exam papers on the way home

Some short videos from London and Oxford
We will be in the states in 10 days! Yeah!


  1. Gordon... Dude... What's up with those pants?... or should I say SHANTS?

  2. Hey Mr. and Mrs. Hanson! Now do you see why I LOVE England :)

    Cheers from Hacho :)

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  4. I absolutely love it...delicious..Hob-Nobs..yum,yum!!!

  5. Some fantastic pictures,thank you very much...ta...for shareing!!!Now you have to become as good in makeing vid's!Do you think that Princes Di was murdered?Namaste.