Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bulgaria Roadtrip

Mismanagement of the quarter four schedule at ACS bewildered us with 22 days for Spring Break! some spice for the first part of our journey
this donkey's shoes must be thin on the left side, the wagon needs re-alignment
thanks to the Pravolslavs for an extra 11 days
No errant Clinton missiles in this peaceful town just beyond the Serb border!
viva los commies, still standing strong
commy baba, try smiling, it is easier
ahhh the commies, metal and concrete galore
this old fortress? Belogradchik
a loophole view
go SOX
the first night over, three in a two-man (Jessica, Dusty, Gordon- in that order)
Magura Cave, we drove 9 million miles to see the oldest paintings of domesticated wolves and the cavern was closed due to the communist pace of reconstruction
Busy buzzing bees battling for pollen to feed their queen. Unfortunately for them humans will be stealing that commodity from their precious stores. Which we absolutely love!
what? where is my apple?
anybody know the song "Gypsy Road" by Cinderella?Grazers over the Cyanube. 100,000 cubic meters of toxins broke through a dam in Romania and flowed into the Danube in 2000, Chernobyl was the worst and this was a close second. Habitats will continue to be effected for years to come.
Does this road end? Is this I-5? It doesn't turn.
let ye of little faith cast the first stone
no stone throwers here
Jody Corporation in Oryahovo
a lovely vineyard sweet for two
with a view
babichka (grandma)
just planting... a near-sighted farmer
you can't see me
another brown sign detour (a brown sign indicated historical significance)
just excavating a little, don't mind me
huh? which way did he go?
and a good day to you!
train kept a rollin'
something is in this water, Pleven
Orlova Chuka Peshtara
go SOX
Nadenitsa and Kartofi, so Balkan!
goat and two kids
where did the goat go?
one tree hill
what is in this cave 38 meters up a cliff? (Ivanovo Cave Monastery)
this is where dead people hang out
along a peaceful wheat field, night three. "Geet yor schuz, No, Ai'll geet yor schuz"
Baba Tekel, the famous guru's energy rock. It was cold.
this is magical healing water
brown, green, brown, green,...
slow traffic, keep more right
thanks for the signs in English, EU
avoid eye contact at all times, children
Sreburna Reserve, hundreds of species

i see you
ummm, tornado warning, i guess we won't camp tonight
better than from the tent mesh
brush his teeth now, quick!
ahhh, we found the drones! mine, mine
oh no, another brown sign- DETOUR!
whaaa, he took my apple!
um, a long and windy road we did not take
fire wood, ahhh
or maybe we did
donkey, come on donkey, this apple is goooooooooooood
Pliska, the former capital dating back to 681

Madara Fortress
sleepy time for the Hansons
transformers, unite!

puny humans
Shuman Fortress
give me the apple, i want the apple, i know you have it
here you are mom!

buying more carpets
thanks baba

the giant tree on the left is 1000 years old!
Karanovo Tell dating back 8000 years
Dyadovo Tell, same time frame

beautiful brunette and a beautiful blond
fuzzy wuzzy
oh, dumb commies, is this a UFO?
uh, howz it goin'? got anything for me?
Seuthus III Tomb, Valley of the Thracian Kings
The Orthodox Hram (Temple) that any tourist can wander into
Africa calls!


  1. Hurrraaay!!! we'll be seeing you here in the United States very soon. You have become wonderful photographers.. What a nice Spring break you had.

    Well kids... see you at PDX in a few weeks. God Bless you and bring you home safely.

    deb:-) becker

  2. Hi!
    Congratulations! COOL photos! Even I didn't saw these places in BG!!!