Monday, November 19, 2007

Wilson, the cat

Our boss has plenty of animals: two dogs and six cats. Fred is a curly white Poodle and Floyd is a wavy haired Black Russian Giant Terrier; a clumsy puppy, yet large. They adopted a cat the first month they were here and named her Sofie and a few weeks later she gave birth to four kittens. They also brought a cat named Wilson with them from the States, who was an adopted stray found by their son, George.
Above is our housemate Jess, the boss' wife Linda, and me, in the snow the other day.

Floyd Black
Wilson is a loving handsome black and white male cat, a few years old. He is cuddly and soft and an excellent hunter, maybe it is because he has opposing thumbs? Often when we are cooking we open a window to let out the beautiful aromas we create, and in will come Wilson. He hung out with us for about 4 hours yesterday, lounging about our sofas and bed. He took several naps, groomed himself and received several full body massages.
We are seeking joint custody...

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  1. Dusty,
    It is so nice to see your blog and what you are up to. I miss the international school thing, but it is worth it being here. The snow looks marvelous, it is rainy and cold here in Portland but no snow.
    Take a look at my Sofia sometime :)