Monday, November 12, 2007

Snowy Birthday

I love the snow! What a wonderful birthday gift from above!
I woke up Saturday morning to Gordon saying "The Security Guard was almost right- I think it is more than 8cm!" I was so excited, I bounced up and opened the blinds to see a flurry of snow falling from above and at least 6 inches thick covering the ground!

It is now Monday, November 12th and it is my bday and it is still snowing. Although, it did rain yesterday and melt most of the ground cover, it is white again. Yeah- I will get to wear my snow boots to school tomorrow!

My wonderful hubby made me a delicious chocolate cake, from scratch. He is so amazing!

Some neighbors, colleagues and friends were able to join us in the celebration.

Even the Cangiano family joined us in the fun (the President's kids and wife- Linda). The kids were great- Celia(4), Grace(6), and George(8). It is nice having kids around, it makes a person feel so much younger, I love their enthusiasm- especially when they are all hyped up on sugar! The above picture was taken when they were getting all bundled up to go home and delaying the process with balloon sword fighting.

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