Thursday, August 29, 2013

Triathlon, take three

Saturday I competed in my third triathlon and made the best time yet. I think the key is to not train, since this is the triathlon that I trained the least for. Also, I think another thing I did is just go all out on every event and not try to conserve any energy for what might be ahead and not worry about hitting a wall. After all, it was just a sprint. I swam 500 yards in 11min53sec, biked 12 miles in 45min20sec, and ran 3.12 miles in 26min54sec with a motion time of 1hr24min7sec and total time from start to finish including the transitions of 1hr32min18sec. I placed 8th overall in the race and 4th in my age group.Pretty god for not training. I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for athletic genetics, my Husband for his support and photography skills, my students Kate and Sierra who encouraged me to sign up for the event, and Susie who did it with me. 
The beast of the bike that I bought on Craigslist two summers ago for $125, a total bargain.
Somewhere during the 20 lengths of the 25 yard long pool.
Finishing the 12 mile bike, still smiling.
Pretty much exhausted after the 3.1 mile run. I am pinky red color, showing that my blood was definitely flowing good.
Transitioning from the bike to the run.
Susie, a good friend I made during my time of teaching at Woodburn High School.

Susie and I with the students who talked us into the ordeal, Kate and Sierra.

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