Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beaver Freezer

Saturday, April 6th, 2013 I finished my second triathlon. Two friends, Andrea and Susie, joined me in the event. It was awesome!
 Right, Left, Right BREATH,... Left, Right, Left BREATH, ...

 I finished the 500 yards in about 12 minutes. A little slower than I was hoping for. I was nervous and there were so many people and so mush pressure to do good and go fast.

 The transition area.

 Now for the 12 mile bike ride.

Off for the 12 mile bike ride! Ready to go from being soaking wet to dripping wet!

 It was very wet on the road and a little rainy.

 Back to the transition area to leave my bike and prepare for the 3.1 mile run!

 Bert and Ernie?
 I had a hard time getting my feet to move since they were wet, cold, numb, heavy, etc.

 Overall, I was able to finish (according to my own gps watch) with the swim in 12:00 minutes, the bike in 48 minutes, and the run in 28 minutes. My goal was to complete the course in less than 90 minutes and I succeeded! Now we will have to see what the official race time was and how I compare to the other 617 contestants. I am hoping to be in the middle (of the women) somewhere. Results should be out in a few hours or days or something. 
 Me and Andrea. She had a super muddy face with her mountain bike slick tires!

 Here comes Susie!

 Racing stripes!

 Curtis and Andrea- so proud of you mommy!

 This is what the super crazy triathletes look like! The guy on the left has placed 2nd for 8 consecutive years!

Horray! Yippee! We did it!

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