Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It has been a lovely summer, so far. And, I just found out yesterday that there are only 15 more days left for me! I have been offered a job, which I gladly accepted, at Woodburn Academy for Arts, Science, and Technology (WAAST) in Woodburn, Oregon. So, we are here to stay in Oregon for a while. They are hoping (assuming I work out well) I would stay for a minimum of two to four years. I am so very excited! It is full time and full benefits, and I will have the opportunity to speak Spanish and learn Russian. So, it is nice to know that we will be able to afford to be where we want to be right now, which is closer to our family and old friends. It is a new phase of our lives, after having been abroad for the past seven years. We returned to Oregon on June 12th and have enjoyed every minute of it, except for the job searching and that whole stress ball part of life. We celebrated my sisters graduation from Western Oregon University, Father's Day with my Dad in Beaver Creek, my step mother's birthday, a family reunion in Hatter Creek, Idaho along with my niece's fifth birthday, a nice roadtrip visiting Palouse Falls and driving through Hell's Canyon, and camping at Yellow Bottom Campground along the Santiam River. The list goes on. We have purchased two white water kayaks and two bicycles. I am training for a triathlon on August 27th in Dallas, Oregon, for which I am training every morning at 6am. We have picked almost 100 pounds of berries- blue, rasp, logan, black, marion- and have eaten many but frozen most. There is nothing like a good berry pie for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Another worthy note, I switched from a PC to a Mac this summer, which is exciting- I LOVE IT!

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