Saturday, November 20, 2010

Around Abuja

A group of us walked around Jabi Lake on a Saturday morning and enjoyed some of the scenery- some ant trails, garbage piles, flowers, chickens, newspaper vendors, learning drivers, hanging laundry, and soccer players. I had a birthday celebration called 31 Flavors of Birthday, since I was turning 31 years old. Ice cream is hard to come by in Nigeria, so it was an exotic occasion. Friends and neighbors came, we listened to music, and my friend Carol created some sweet decorations. The PTA Bazaar was held on November 13th. We bought several Christmas presents and decorations for our home- paintings, leather jewelry boxes, a wooden foulani bed made from one huge tree, and a few shirts. Following the Bazaar we went to the TAC Club House on a compound where a few of our friends live, the food and company was very nice.

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  1. I always love your posts. And somehow I was surprised to see baby chicks! Both of the Blue Men are quite striking, but the first gentleman's photo was especially powerful. They are Tuareg?