Sunday, April 25, 2010

Turkey Spring Break Fieldtrip

We brought 13 of our students from the American International School to Istanbul, Turkey for an unforgettable spring break! We spent 3 nights in Istanbul, 1 night in Channakale, 1 night in Selchuk, took an overnight bus to Goreme and stayed 2 nights there before flying back to Istanbul for another night before returning to Abuja. The kids were great and were such a special group, we would totally do it again!Hagia Sofiya, Istanbul Troy Ephesus Chan Carpets, Selcuk Hieropolis Pammukale Warm Springs Pammukale Calcium Deposits Kaymakli Underground City Uchisar Castle The Chaperones! Exploring the Ferry Chimneys in Capadoccia Watching a ceramic sculptor in Avanos Rugs not Drugs kids!... Mr. Hanson's weakness shines through. The students #1 favorite place to eat in Turkey!The students #2 favorite place to eat in Turkey! ...well they did enjoy some of the local dishes as well.

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  1. Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a fabulous time. I think we'll have to take a trip to Turkey now. =)