Saturday, October 3, 2009

Summer Family Fun

Even though I am uploading these in October, it doesn't mean that these pictures are less important. Most of the pictures on this blog post are the casual ones that highlight some of the family events of the summer, and some of the most memorable. Eating pancakes with our niece and nephew the morning we left for the airport to return to Abuja, Nigeria for another 10 months. Ah, raspberry yogurt and homemade jam and fresh milk, and cute cuddly squeezable children! Last night of book reading, Dinosaurs and Scooby Doo! Eating corndogs at the Polk County Fair, watching Joe Shinkle play some country music. Zakary and Ashlynn's first tatoos, Aunt Dusty paid for them! Our friends, Willow and Oceana eating a fresh seaweed snack. Ashlynn loves her mommy! Zakary loves climbing rocks! A blueberry eating contest at the Gage Family Reunion in Idaho. A spray bottle fight with the second cousins. A nice afternoon nap in the shade. A little row boat ride in the pond. sisters Our cousins, Craig and Melisa with their two lovely girls. Grandma Becker and her sister Dad and his two twin cousins whom he played with while visiting their uncle in Idaho. A few of the Hanson Family members. Lisa and her family hosted a backyard get together at her home in McMinnville the week we returned to Oregon. Zakary was just waking up from his nap and coaxed his sister into rubbing his back gently as he came to. Abraham, Sarah, and Penelope- awaiting another cute one. Abraham, and who is that guy with the ridiculous mullet? Me and Penelope hanging out in our Subi. My dad and step mom playing some music in my sister's front yard.

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