Friday, March 28, 2008

good memories

Pearl Jam, The Gorge, Washington, July 2006
Mr. Hanson, the classic
blue tie, blue eyes, serious facial hair
The Fairy Chimneys, Cappadocia
Dusty Rose on a camel in Goreme, Turkey
looking into the valley from above
and a view from below
climbing into caves
looking out in opposite directions
pomegranate juice, fresh pressed and quickly drank
the streets of Istanbul, at night, black and white
Mustafa at Troy Rugs in Istanbul, with kitten
a view from atop the Vatican
The Roman Forum in Rome, Italy
a snail?
Trevi Fountain
hiding out in Ostia Antica ruins
walking Vitosha Boulevard at night, black and white
lake landscape and village
one goat, two goat, three goat, four...
rocky red and white cliffs with blue sky
snow topped roofs of houses
a kukeri
the communist blocks at dusk
skateboarding in Indika Square
a little cozy town nestled between the hills
how the government revenue is spent
sunset over Rio de Janeiro
surfing with the guys, letsgo-letsgo
Sorfing too big of waves, double over head in the state of Sao Paulo
panama hat makers in Monti Cristi
a brahma bull, eye and ear
harvesting the rain forest resources in Guayas Province
a meat market alongside the road
split between the northern and southern hemisphere
reflections in Cajas National Park
beach combing in Mompiche with Oceana
looking south from balcony at sunset
seeking out a campsite below Cotopaxi Volcano
Dusty Rose and 'the boss' wearing hats
Fields and Hanson lounging in the mountains
Nazca Lines Hummingbird
spaghetti and camping
large doors and small gringo
walking the llama and kids
a hairless peruvian dog 'ratty' lounging in moche land
parched in the desert
the cordilleras blancas panorama
after four weeks on a Honda XR 650 L, self portrait
camping in the cordilleras blancas
descending from Kuelap
winding river through the valley
one hairy brown donkey
in the middle of the highway and no where around
kisses in chachapoyas
palm trees on the horizon
and this explains why the Chachapoyans are the 'cloud people'