Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Vitosha Snowboarding

Gordon and I went snowboarding on Thursday, February 1st on our local Mount Vitosha, about a 30 minute walk to the gondola from our house. This was our first time snowboarding together! It was 5 leva (about $3.67 USD) for the gondola lift ticket and then 30 leva (about $20 USD) for an all day ski pass from 9am to 4pm. We had Thursday off from work because of semester one exams, the students got a day off to study and the teachers were to 'work at home' preparing or grading exams. I was ran over by a skiier on my last run and have a large bruise on the back of my thigh. Some of the locals go crazy on the mountain and are way out of control for their ability levels. The lifts are newer but poorly designed, making loading and unloading difficult. The runs are pretty steep and the snow was mostly groomed and icy in places. There was some deep powder off in the trees, where Gordon ventured but I was too inexperienced to attempt.


  1. Great to see you're getting to do some riding over there guys! ... we've had 6 feet of new snow in the last 10 days and we've ridden every one of them... it's been a rough season for snow, so it's good to see it finally arrive... even if it is March! ... should make for some great spring days over the coming weeks though!

  2. hanson, mountain looks surprisingly good and some nice snow, unlike other parts of europe or that's what i hear from those todd limey bastards. nice airs following pages.